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In August 2022 the Clean Energy Council published the "Skilling the Energy Transition" report.


The findings indicated that one of the biggest barriers for Australia from meeting it's energy transition ambitions was a shortage in skilled labour.


After spending the last three years in the renewables space co-founder Ben Morgan saw that there was a huge opportunity in starting a company that specialised in the delivery of infrastructure that was vital to the energy transition.


After meeting with close friend, experienced electrician Jay Barron. It was agreed that the two would partner in creating a company that addressed this very need.


With over 10 years of electrical experience, Jay has broadened his skillset by becoming a fully accredited designer and installer of Solar PV systems.


Ben is responsible for ensuring that your investment makes commercial sense and Jay is responsible for ensuring that the installation process goes off without a hitch.


Born and bred in the Eastern Suburbs, it is Ben and Jay's goal to become the leading provider of renewable energy services in the area. This includes but is not limited to Solar, Battery and EV Charging design and installation.


We hope to partner with you in helping create a Net Zero Australia.

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